Pumpkin with pork ribs for Halloween

Do you want to cook & eat different recipes with the year-end seasonal pumpkin? We have a seasonal pumpkin recipes collection. We invite you to enter and see the recipes which we prepare lovingly for you.

In this case cooking  introduce you this Pumpkin with pork ribs for Halloween, it is a delicious meal of your new collection of recipes made with pumpkin.


Pumpkin with pork ribs for Halloween


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Pumpkin with pork ribs for Halloween.

It’s all a matter of imagination, dare to leave the routine in the kitchen and experiment with different cooking ways with pumpkin that you can cook following the recipes of this tasty collection. I’m sure that what you choose to cook will be a success at your table, as is this Pumpkin with pork ribs for Halloween

For me it is fun to cook and make pumpkin decorations, whenever I consume or cook I imagine the pumpkin when it was growing in the field, receiving the rays of the sun and the moonlight that kept in its interior to feed and nourish our organism.

Pumpkin with pork ribs for Halloween


What a tasty pumpkin with pork ribs for Halloween!!!


The taste of Meals are much better if they have a good presentation as the famous phrase that says; “From the view love is born”


The presentation of this pumpkin with pork ribs for Halloween is beautiful, because it is served in the same pumpkin that we use for its preparation.


The shell remains firm even when cooked, so we can use it as a container.

In the section of PUMPKINS located in our main Page you will find also many different Mexican foods prepared with this wonderful nature gift: The pumpkin.

This recipe is nutritious, tasty and very easy to prepare, the texture and flavor of the pumpkin combines perfectly with the other ingredients, resulting in this excellent food that all age people like.

Maybe the pumpkin cooking seems to be very difficult, but it isn’t, you can cook it in different ways in a few minutes, using the oven, on the stove in a pot with water or in the microwave. To prepare this recipe, we bake it in the microwave for fifteen (15) minutes at maximum power, it remains at its exact point of cooking which allow us to open and remove the pulp without any difficulty.





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