Red sauce grandma’s recipe


Red sauce grandma’s recipe



3 Tomatoes

1 Chile serrano

4 Tree Chilies

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup water

Salt to taste



In a Comal or hot pan over high heat the three tomatoes, the chili serrano, the tree chilies and the garlic are roasted.

To the tree chills we have to remove the stem, the serrano chili is made a small cut to prevent it burst, because when it is hot it can inflate and burst throwing its seeds until we can reach and burn ourselves so need to take care, in this way we avoid that accident of kitchen so common and also is very well roasted.

Let’s continue to cook this red sauce grandma’s recipe

The tree chills are roasted faster than the other ingredients, we have to be turning them and when they are light golden color, we remove them from the fire because if they pass and they are black they can sour the red sauce grandma’s recipe.

The other ingredients are left for about five more minutes but we have to turn them too until the skin of the tomatoes is completely roasted.

When they are roasted we take them to the blender and add a little water and depending on how we like the sauce is the time we let them liquefy, for example, I really like that the sauces are a bit bittersweet, this is with small pieces, for this only requires turning the blender on and off twice.

Add the salt as per your choice, tablespoon for this measure is indicated.

You can prepare it, put it in a hermetic container and store it in the refrigerator in this way I could last up to a week.

The spicy red sauce is very practical to season any food, such as eggs, some tacos or a cake.


Exquisite red sauce


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