Shrimp Cakes in sauce with Nopales


250 Grams of Shrimp powder

8 Eggs

1 Kg of Nopales

1 Onion

4 Tomatoes

2 Tree Green Chili

3 Wide Chilies

2 Garlic Gloves

2 Shrimp Consommé Cubes

2 Tablespoons wheat flour

1 Pinch of Coriander

Salt Up to you

Lets start the procedure for this delicious Shrimp Cakes in sauce with Nopales. In a pot we put to cook the chilies & the tomatoes.

The Nopales are cut in little strips.

The onion & garlic are cut in slices. In a pot with a little of oil we fry the onion with the garlic, when those are light golden we add the nopales, then we stir and cover the pot and let it cook for five minutes.

For preparing the Shrimp Cakes in sauce with Nopales; in a bowl we separate the whites from the yolks, beat the egg whites until they are about nougat, add the egg yolks one by one so that they do not lose the volume the whites, the shrimp powder is incorporated and mix very well .

In a pan put enough oil and with an spoon is added little by little egg mixture with the shrimp powder, so the shrimps cakes are formed, carefully turn it and when those are golden color we take out and put on a paper to remove the oil.

The Shrimp Cakes in sauce with Nopales is almost done.

In half glass of water dissolve the flour and put in the blender together with tomatoes & chilies cooked without seeds, put the coriander, a quarter of onion, a garlic clove.

Blend the shrimp cubes with a little bit of chicken consommé or water.

In a pot put a little oil and put the tomato garniture, let it boil under low heat and add the shrimp consommé, mix it and add the shrimp cakes letting them cook for three minutes.

In a bowl, these delicious Shrimp Cakes in sauce with Nopales are served



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