Shrimp with coconut tasty and crunchy

Shrimp with Coconut Tasty and Crunchy

These Shrimp with coconut tasty and crunchy is an excellent snack.

Shrimp with coconut tasty and crunchy

The preparation of this delicious and whimsical dish is extremely easy and quick to prepare.

Cooking the taste of Mexico presents in a short video the preparation of shrimp with coconut tasty and crunchy in only three steps; cook with us this tasty dish.

You have a meeting and you do not know what to prepare for your guests and you have little time to cook?


Fish recipes with Teresa de AndaShrimp with coconut tasty and crunchy will always make you successful when introducing your friends or family this tasty snack that can also be a fabulous meal if accompanied with white rice soup and fresh salad.

The Mango Dip has a special flavor, is a little bittersweet and spicy, the combination of mango flavor with yogurt, chipotle chili, salt and pepper, will make an explosion of flavor on the palate of your diners.


The Covered shrimp with coconut and fried in olive oil, are crunchy and at the same time soft on the inside, is served separately so that when eating each shrimp anoint it with the tasty dip of mango.

You’ll be amazed at how shrimp with coconut tasty and crunchy is quickly of preparing, only in three steps, first to cover with seasoned flour, second to pass those through beaten egg and finally third to be covered with shredded coconut.

When frying in olive oil, on medium heat, they take on a light golden color that makes them look even more desirable.

They do not remain oily; the excess oil is left in the absorbent paper where they are placed when we take out the fried shrimp

The presentation of this meal is fabulous, everyone will want to eat them when they see them at the table along with the mango dip, and when they take one and eat it, their surprise will be greater to find an explosive and at the same time mild flavor.

Cameron and coconut, perfect combination

Let’s cook this recipe together.




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