Snack with plantain

Snack with plantain 

Snack with plantain


This snack recipe with plantain I’m pretty sure you will like it a lot; it is practical for a family reunion, for watching a good football game, to please your guests or simply for that moment when we want to eat a snack. What better than this tasty recipe.

Your family will be surprised when you will prepare them this delicious plate that likes to people of all ages.

The preparation of this plantain snack is not complicated; it requires just a few ingredients for such good appetizer.

In South México there are a lot of Plantain Planting places, we called vástago to those in which one the plantain grow however those are not considered as a tree but a megaforbia, a pretty big long-stemmed grass.

With the leaves of this plant it can be prepared a wide variety of food. Those are used for wrapping the ingredients or preparations, as of Oaxacan Tamales, fishes, meats, also scrambled or starry eggs, the leaves give an special flavor, “ancestral flavor” my grandmother which is an excellent chef would say, what I can say is that until boiled water has her proper condition.

She teached me to cook some recipes with these leaves, you can find those in my page.

In this occasion I introduce you an exquisite snack with plantain, the plantain are boiled and a pasta is made with its pulp, which is filled with cheese, I utilize cotija cheese, it is a little dry & salty, the combination of sweet plantain with cheese salty is perfect. Once that the plantain ball is formed it is covered with seasoned bread crumbs and fried in oil.

Follow the video which it is shown step by step the elaboration of this tasty snack with plantain, come a cook with us.

Snack with plantain




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