Spaghetti with anise

Spaghetti with anise 

Spaghetti with Anise is tasty pasta with an incredible aroma soft and sweet flavor that invites us to eat it.

Spaghetti with Anise

The anise star is originally from the Mediterranean, is a beautiful white flower that nature gives us, inside its dark fruit, with eight seeds each one inside its carpal its shape is like a star, this is the reason why it’s called as star.

Spaghetti with Anise

The properties that the anise star contains help us to have a good digestion, it is an excellent stimulant because it increases activity in the brain and it gives us more concentration. It is a good expectorant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. All this combined with its flavor and aroma make it an ingredient widely used in foods, desserts and drinks. And also we can prepare the spaghetti with anise which is a delight.


Therefore the spaghetti with anise recipe which we present below is an aromatic and showy dish, ideal to accompany with fish, shrimp or meat.

The ingredients are few but of great quality resulting in tasty pasta al dente.

Its elaboration is simple, as you can see in the video that Cooking has for you, you just have to click the button at the bottom, to see its rapid preparation. In only fifteen minutes you can enjoy this delicious spaghetti with anise.

The pasta is cooked in water along with the anise flowers, with little butter and salt.

It is cooked al dente. Al dente is an Italian original name which is given to the perfect term of cooking so that the pasta or vegetables are cooked but firm.

When the pasta is cooked, it must be removed from the hot water and immersed in cold water to prevent that pasta continue it cooking and get soft but firm pasta. In this spaghetti with anise recipe we do not immerse it in cold water because we put it immediately in the pan.

We have to take into account that the cooking will end when it is incorporated the garlic in the butter, which is fast fried.

Garlic with butter gives it an extra touch of flavor.Spaghetti with Anise

When we serve the spaghetti with anise in plate, we add fresh parsley and parmesan cheese.




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