Tacos Beef Liver with onion and chili

Recipe for two people



300 grams of liver on steak

1 onion

1 Pasilla Chili

1/2 tablespoon chopped garlic

1 tablespoon of salt

1/2 cup of oil




The liver is fried in a pan with enough oil and then salt is added.

The onion is cut into thick half-moons.

The pasilla chili is cut easier with kitchen scissors, because as it is dry if cut with a knife is cut not in whole strips.

Liver steaks are turned while cooking to fry on its other side

When the liver steaks are fried they are removed from the pan and cut into small pieces. In this way the Mexican liver tacos with chile pasilla have a better presentation and are easier to eat.

The onion in half-moons is put in the pan with the oil that was left from the liver, this detail is what will increase the taste so special to the Mexican liver tacos with chile pasilla.

When the onion is getting light gold color the chile is incorporated, which releases its color and flavor.

They are allowed to fry for three minutes and the liver is added.

Let it cook for around 5 minutes for the ingredients to be fully fry.

They are served in corn tortillas.

 Tacos Beef Liver with onion and chili, are better if they are eaten with handmade tortillas.

In the page Cooking the flavor of Mexico you can find the recipe and watch the video of how to make corn tortillas in an extremely simple way, the ingredients that are needed can be found anywhere in the world.

In the tacos you cannot miss a good sauce, put the one that you like.

A few drops of lemon also give it a good seasoning.

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