Taquera sauce

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This tasty r Tomato Sauce and Chile recipe is versatile in the kitchen, with this taquera sauce I like to prepare the famous chilaquiles with fried beans. The pork rind stewed in this sauce is delicious. I also use it to accompany the roasted meat with chamomile onions.But where we consume most is at home, in tacos or quesadillas.

 I invite you to see its preparation in the following video, just click on the button.

You can find the ingredients quantity in the written recipe below where the video is.

Taquera sauce

This Tomato Sauce and Chile called Taquera Sauce, is the base of many food recipes in many Mexican homes.

It is very practical to have it in the refrigerator for any occasion. I prepare it for my family that always looks for it. I make a liter believing that it will be enough for a week, but the truth is that at the end of only two days it is finished.

As I have said in other occasions, this is the best sign that what we cook is successful.

And more if we put the main ingredient … Love.

For my children I prepared cakes with this taquera sauce for school too. Once upon a time, that I was surprised due I recognized that my children’s classmates tried my lunch food. How? In one of the meetings of school parents various moms asked me the secret of my children foods; they told me that they tried to prepare it for their children but that they told them that they did not taste as tasty ones I did to mine. The difference of the lunches was only the Tomato Sauce and Chile, the taquera sauce. From that day my children ate the lunch without their partners asking them for a bite due I passed the recipe already to their moms.

Well, even the smell of this taquera sauce or tomato sauce and Chile is fantastic.

Your friend, Teresa de Anda.

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