Tasty memory story




Sabroso recuerdo

Tasty memory story


46 years ago it seemed to me that time were slow, now I know that was a vertiginous time to see my dear playmate. I understand that the clock marks in the same way the years that passed for him and me, but I suppose he is older; his face says he is like tired.

I tried not to feel sadness for him, but I could not stop the nostalgia that invaded my feel to contemplate how weak it seems to be. I hugged him tightly as when I was a child.

He was tall, strong and sturdy, and smelled super delicious. I remember how excited I used to make my shelter with wooden planks and sit there to confide him all my secrets while he gave me everything I could take from his own, I liked so much to enjoy his movements and rock me on it, rejoicing me with its taste, with large bites I ate its fruits that had it pink skin by the sun.

Today when I went out from the house where I lived my first years, I seemed to hear that it spoke to me, I approached it and my arms surrounded its nearly dry trunk, he said goodbye to me and I thanked him for the wonderful memories shared.

Walking towards the exit of the house, suddenly, the time was stopped, everything was wrapped in a silence, and so softly and surprisingly gave me back part of it soul, its essence…

Very close to me it fell an exquisite and juicy guava with its pink interior and love taste.


Teresa de Anda.


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