Tasty Mexican Fish Meatballs

Enjoy with your family these tasty mexican fish meatballs

Portion: For 4 people


1/2 Kg of milled fish

8 Shrimps

2 Cups of shrimp consommé

2 cubes of shrimp consommé

1 Striped Carrot

2 Cups of chopped vegetables

2 Tomatoes

½ Cup of Coriander

½ Cup of milled bread

1 egg

½ cup of onion in squares

2 Garlic Cloves





To begin with, we are going to cook the tomatoes in little water, on the other hand, we put the vegetables to steam, so it is better because they do not lose their color and keep all their properties.

We peel the shrimp (the shrimp skin usually we throw it in the trash, but if we cook it in two cups of water we obtain a good consommé) once they are boiled the broth takes a white color pink, we blend and strain.

In a bowl we put the ground fish; we add the egg, the carrot, the coriander, milled bread, salt and pepper.

We mix all ingredients until those are completely integrated. With the hands we make the tasty meatballs fish, placing a shrimp inside, we tighten a little so that they are well compacted.

In a pan with butter we fry the onion & garlic until lightly browned, we add the tomato sauce and cooked vegetables, carefully we put the tasty meatball fish and we left them cooking during 5 minutes & we serve.

Tasty fish meatballs, this food is ideal in raining or cold season, all it ingredients are very nutritious, is economic, easy and quickly for preparing it.

Your family will like it, it’s sensational to see how surprised they are when they discover the shrimp which is inside or these tasty mexican fish meatballs.



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