Tuna in tamarind sauce



The tuna in tamarind sauce recipe that we present below is made with different ingredients, sweet and salty that when mixing their flavors result in a magnificent meal, juicy and bittersweet.

With its intense sweet and sour taste it conquers the most demanding tastes of children and adults. In each bite you will find an explosion of flavor and a pleasant sensation with its soft texture.

Do you like bittersweet flavors? This tuna in tamarind sauce is a great choice that satisfies any lover of bittersweet flavor.

If you have not cooked sweet and sour food, I recommend that you cheer yourself up and leave the routine in the kitchen, I am sure you will like it and it will be a success on your table, as it has also been in mine.

Come and cook with me this bittersweet food tuna in tamarind sauce, you can follow step by step its elaboration in the video that Cooking the Flavor of Mexico have for you.

Cook these tuna in tamarind sauce and discover its unique flavor. Just click the button at the bottom of this page to watch the video.

The recipe is also written below the video to make it more practical.

I have always imagined the moment when the people create culinary wonders such as these tuna in tamarind sauce. They were encouraged to mix for the first time different flavors, ingredients and achieved sensational results. My gratitude to them.

That’s how every food is created, as masterpieces in which every detail counts a lot, the small brushstrokes of flavor, aroma, color, texture, make nutritious foods become works of art in each dish served, in each meal prepared with the main ingredient … Love.

The food love, the moments in the kitchen, the love for the people that we cook, each product we use. Love makes us share with joy what we like most.

And today it is my pleasure to share with you this delicious and bittersweet recipe.

tuna in tamarind sauce




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