Tuna snack with tamarindo dip


My happiness today, is to be able to share this recipe with you.

Tuna snack with tamarindo dip

The fish bars are an amazing snack full of good flavor, the ingredients that are needed are very few to cook this delight.

They all like it crispy on the outside, and creamy and soft on the inside.

This tuna snack  will be a success in your meetings or parties, besides economic is one of dishes that is prepared in a very short time and has a great presentation that makes those tuna snack with tamarindo dip irresistible.

The tamarind sauce that accompanies them adds an extra flavor.


tuna snack with tamarindo diptuna snack with tamarindo dip










This Dip is a little bittersweet and spicy, the perfect combination for this delicious snack

You can prepare more of this sauce and keep it in refrigerator and use it in other dishes, but I warn you, it will be finished very fast because of the tasty that it has.

I remember when my children were teenagers and they studied, they met at home with their schoolmates to do homework, I really liked it, it was a good opportunity to meet their friends. I used to prepare them some snack, but what they liked most were these exquisite and nutritious tuna snack with tamarindo dip that in a few minutes disappeared from the plate.

What better answer can we find that this snack is delicious?


tuna snack with tamarindo dip

My children have grown up and they keep asking me to prepare the tuna snack with tamarindo dip.

How fast time passes, that is why it is so important to enjoy every moment, to do everything with love, to live the eternal present with joy, even when the days become cloudy. Nothing is forever and we are here just to be happy.


What I like most about meals is to find the element of surprise, and for these tuna snack with tamarindo dip it’s a surprise to find the cheese inside, soft and creamy.

I invite you to prepare the tuna snack with tamarindo dip with me, click the button to see the video where we show you step by step its simple elaboration.
tuna snack with tamarindo dip

Enjoy your eternal present and do not let go of your inner happiness.




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