Tuna with bacon and tasty garnish


Tuna with Bacon and Tasty Garnish


This tuna with bacon and tasty garnish, banana and carrots has a unique flavor. It is amazing to see how the combination of these foods gives us a range of different flavors at same time but in same dish.

This tuna with bacon and tasty garnish

Let me say that this tuna dish with all its components make this meal a true delicacy, with the crispy bacon and the tender tuna filet accompanied by the tasty garnish.

This food has flavor, texture, colors and aroma that give a good presentation that makes it irresistible. For you, which is the best place to eat?

The first thing that comes to my mind is maybe at some restaurant, but the truth, is that the best place to enjoy the food is in our own home, with the confidence of the hygiene with which its prepared, with pride and satisfaction to know that you are the creators of this delightful tuna meal, which also nourishes us, the love that we put to what we prepare or the love that we feel for the person that cooked for us

Great moments become into great memories, like the Christmas dinners, birthdays, the specific flavor of a delicious dish like this tuna with bacon and tasty garnish, or even until the day that it was a disaster the burned turkey.

Enjoy a good meal is much more than only ingesting food, being at the table with a good company in a pleasant atmosphere full of harmony, music and a good wine, give us the true pleasure at lunchtime or dinner, a great moment to remember.

This tuna with bacon and tasty garnish, banana and carrots will be the today accomplice for the happiness that we can find at your table when serving and share it with your family or friends.

I am a kitchen lover and what I like most about the meals I cook is to see the reaction that people have when they try them, that is my best prize.

When all the food that you prepare is finished promptly, it’s the best sign that it was a success, as it is every time that I cook and share this tuna with bacon and tasty garnish, banana and carrots. And today, it is my pleasure to share it with you. Cook it with me and let’s enjoy together for the short time you prepare it until the moment you share it and eat it.This tuna with bacon and tasty garnish,




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