Recipe for two people 


2 Tuna fillets

tuna with pure tequila1/4 Of Nopales

1 Orange

1/2 Onion

1 tomato

1 Mushroom

1/4 cup with olive oil

1 Serrano Chile

1 garlic clove

1 Tablespoon or dried parsley

1 teaspoon of salt

1 pinch of pepper

1 little glass (“caballito”) of Tequila



The Nopales are cut into thick strips; we leave one for the decoration of the tuna saucer with Tequila.

The juice is taken from the half of orange and the other half is cut into slices.

The onion is cut into half-moons. Garlic is also cut into small pieces.

We put the tuna fillets to marinate, putting them salt, pepper, garlic, the juice and the slices of the other half orange.

It is placed in the refrigerator while the other ingredients are prepared.

You will taste at the end of preparation how wonderful this tuna with pure tequila is.

In a frying pan medium heat, the olive oil is put and adds the half of the onion, salt and the nopales in strips and complete nopal piece.

Cook it for 10 minutes.

The skin of tomato is removed, the seeds are removed, with a spoon is very easy, then it is cut in medium parts.

The tuna steaks are fried in a little oil over medium heat, the dry parsley is added, when the edges are fried they are turned over, and more parsley is added.

The combinations of all ingredients are starting to give a delicious flavor for tuna with pure tequila.

The orange slices are incorporated into the pan to release the juice that will give the tuna with tequila a tasty seasoning.

When the steak is cooked at the desired term, the little glass of Tequila (we call “caballito” to the little glass) is put and carefully flames, using a long lighter.

When the liquid in the pan is consumed, it is removed from the fire and served.

The tuna with pure tequila recipe is almost done.

The dish is decorated with the colors of Mexico, Green Nopales, White Onion, red tomato and to simulate the eagle of the Mexican National Coat of Arms, the mushroom is cut in the form of an eagle.

Enjoy this tasty tuna with pure tequila that carries the essence of Mexico.



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