Tuna with tequila mexican recipe



It is a great pride to share with you this tasty Tuna with tequila mexican recipe

Although I was born at Mexico City which is one of the thirty-two states of the Mexican Republic,

I live for many years in the State of Jalisco, the place where the Mariachi was born and of course the Tequila, the famous drink of this region that crossed the borders and its recognized all over the world.

This delicious recipe of Tuna with Tequila is very exciting to prepare because it has always had a great success at the table, both for its flavor and dish presentation.

I love to decorate the meals that I prepare; it is incredible to see how any dish changes by simply serve it with a good dish presentation.

Like this Tuna with tequila mexican recipe that I prepared and present you with the colors of Mexico; Green white and red

Green Color is representing “Hope” and I used Nopales.

White color is representing “Faith” I used Onion.

And for the red color that represents “Union” I added Tomato.

The Eagle represents the Aztec heritage and in order to represent it, I cut a mushroom with that shape.

The tuna steak is soft and juicy, in the preparation of this recipe is flavored only with salt, pepper, garlic and orange juice, marinating the tuna in these ingredients absorbs an incredible flavor that is increased by frying it in olive oil, together with the orange slices, the dried parsley and of course the most important step of its elaboration; flame it with tequila.

I cannot describe the taste of this sensational Tuna with tequila mexican recipe; you have to prepare it so that you discover how the aroma of the agave (tequila) is impregnated in the tuna that when combined with the other ingredients make it a culinary wonder.

Tuna with tequila mexican recipe



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