Unforgettable pumpkin enchiladas


Unforgettable pumpkin enchiladas

There is nothing new to discover in cooking recipes everything has already been created but what we can do is to combine the ingredients in the way that the imagination dictates, always respecting that combine all the elements in terms of colors, flavors and aromas.

Then we can create great plates like unforgettable pumpkin enchiladas.


Cook with me these tasty pumpkin enchiladas following step by step it´s elaboration in the following video that Cooking has for you, just click the button and get ready to enjoy this salty castilla pumpkin meal.

 Unforgettable pumpkin enchiladas

I receive a Castilla Pumpkin as a present, then immediately I began to imagine everything I could cook with it, the first thing that came to my mind were the well-known desserts, very tasty but I wanted to make salty foods with it and I thought about cooking a new saucer, then I decided to make an unforgettable pumpkin enchiladas stuffed with chicken and cheese, I prepared them very fast and it was sensational.

When I searched into internet for a recipe similar to mine, I found thousands of recipes that were the same or very similar to mine. Everything, all idea is in the air the only thing that makes the difference is to dare to realize what we imagine, what we believe we can do, to have confidence in ourselves is what leads us to success. Then in my case I thought I could cook an unforgettable pumpkin enchiladas, I had the confidence in myself, I dare to cook those and I had the success as I thought. You can do the same.

It is incredible how life fills us day by day with infinite lessons but sometimes we are so distracted, immersed in the routine which maintain us in our comfort area that we cannot see wide panorama that we have in life to realize our dreams, if we can imagine it we can do it, the same life gives us all the tools, we just have to open that trunk full of treasures with which we were born and take the gifts of nature.  I opened it; I took the imagination the desire and the love to make a different dish as this unforgettable pumpkin enchiladas.

At home we only are my partner and me, I believed that the pumpkin enchiladas that I prepared were going to be for the meals of three or four days, I store them in sealed containers into the freeze separately and then to be able to take portions and cook them later which is easy and fast way .

But within the next day there was not even one, we laughed so hard to discover that each of us took the other portions of enchiladas and we ate all in the same day, we just couldn’t believe it.

It should be noted that the rest of the week we were on a diet and with more exercise than usual, because we do not want to fatten.

But there is a little secret in these unforgettable pumpkin enchiladas; its main ingredient which is the castilla pumpkin contain multiple benefits for our health and one of them is that it is a little laxative, it helps us to have a good and quick digestion.

Now you know you can consume all the pumpkin enchiladas you want and you will not have situations that make you fat.





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