This Vegetarian Hamburger is an excellent food, it is made with delicious portobellos which gather the properties of the meat, they are a good substitute of the meat. In this recipe marinamos the portobellos with fresh rosemary, that give them an exquisite flavor.

In this meal you will find the necessary nutrients for the good food of your family, with the Vegetarian Hamburger you will please the most delicate tastes for the vegetarian food, the ingredients that accompany it also contribute us rich minerals and proteins, it is an easy food to prepare following the Video you will see how simple it is to bring this nutritious food to your table.




Bread for hamburger, the amount of vegetarian hamburger you want to prepare


Slices of manchego cheese






For marinade;


Fresh rosemary

1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup Balsamic vinegar

1/2 tablespoon Ground Pepper

1/4 tablespoon salt



The portobellos are cleaned by removing the stem and skin.

Scrape the garlic, and cut into small pieces the rosemary.

In a bowl we put the garlic, the oil, the balsamico vinegar, the rosemary, the salt and the pepper. Stir well until the ingredients are integrated.

Cover the portobellos on all sides with this marinade and let them rest, while slicing the tomato, onion and cut the lettuce.

In a saucepan, add a little olive oil and add the portobellos, let them cook for two minutes and turn them over for another two minutes, their cooking is very fast.

To prepare the vegetarian hamburger, the bread is heated, hot, bread is spread with mayonnaise and mustard, the portobello, sliced ​​manchego, tomato, onion and lettuce leaves are placed.

You can accompany it with jalapeño peppers and avocado, these ingredients will increase the rich flavor of the Vegetarian Hamburger.


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