Zucchini with pork and corn kernels

Zucchini with pork and corn kernels

Calabacitas con puerco y elote

The simple food is usually the tastiest and these Zucchini with pork and corn kernels have the flavor of the dishes prepared by the grandmothers, the seasoning of home.


When I prepare these Zucchini with pork, I go back to those unforgettable moments with my grandmothers, I like that my family has the sensation of the taste that is found when arriving at home and sense the irresistible aroma of a good meal. They are my main motivation for cooking.


I enjoy surprising them with different foods, such as these Zucchini with pork as common meal but adding mushrooms and serrano chili make the difference.


For me, it is wonderful to see how with the same ingredients many dishes can be created, only varying in some order the preparation or adding some element change completely, both in tastes and in the presentation of the dishes. The order of preparation of this Zucchini with pork and corn kernels you can see in the video I made especially for you.

Experts say that when a recipe becomes so complicated the result on the plate will never be satisfactory. And these zucchini with pork and corn kernels are prepared in a simple but loving way. As my grandmother says, “Cooking without love is cooking without seasoning”

Love for who cooks, love for the kitchen, for the ingredients or if it is the case, for the work.

I invite you to prepare with me this homemade meal of zucchini with pork and corn, just click on the button that is at the bottom of this page and follow step by step its elaboration in the short video that cooking the Taste of Mexico has for you.

You are going to be surprise with how tasty is this food and the taste that you are going to take to your table.

Zucchini with pork and corn kernels




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