Recipe for two people


To cook the delicious Grandma’s recipe zucchini with corn and pork the ingredients you need are:

1/2 Kg of pork in pieces, leg or loin as preferred

2 whole ears or 2 cups corn kernels

3 Green pumpkins

2 tomatoes

1/2 medium onion

3 Portobello’s or nine small mushrooms

1 Chile serrano

1 Chile Width

3 Leaves of Epazote

1/2 cup olive oil

Salt as per your choice



The corn is discarded using a good knife. The tomatoes are cooked, in water, along with the wide chili. The zucchini are cut into small squares. The onion is also cut into squares. Serrano chili is cut into slivers and the seeds and veins removed. I really like this Grandma’s recipe

The tomatoes when they are cooked are liquefied with the wide chili and salt is added.

In a pot, add a little olive oil and add the onion until it is chopped up and then put the corn kernels, epazote leaves; this seasoning gives a special flavor to these zucchini and corn with pork. Add the zucchini and the serrano chili.

Cover the pot and let it cook while the meat is fried in a pan with a little olive oil, put salt, let it only fry a little to seal it and with that this Grandma´s recipe zucchini with corn and pork  meat do not lose the juice when it finishes its cooking in the zucchini.

The meat is removed from the pan and in the fat that we put the mushrooms to absorb the taste that remained in the oil.

The tomato sauce is incorporated to the zucchini and water is added, enough to cover them, the meat is put to let it cook for thirty minutes in the covered pot then.

You will be amazed by the simple but tasty food of that Grandma’s recipe zucchini with corn and pork has.

It is served and enjoyed.

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